Mountainous Armenia

8 days / 7 nights


Day 1: Arrival in Yerevan – Transfer to the hotel (-/-/-)

Arrival at the Yerevan airport. Meeting with guide and driver.
Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.
Overnight in the hotel in Yerevan.


Day 2: Yerevan – Sevaberd village – Lake Akna (B/L/D)

Yerevan. Breakfast in the hotel.

For the first day of your Armenian trekking tour drive from Yerevan to Sevaberd village and start trekking to the lake Akna (‘akn’ is translated as “eye”), one of the most captivating sites in The Geghama Mountains. Located right on the frontier of Kotayk and Gegharkunik provinces, this lake of volcanic origin is worth seeing and capturing in a photoshoot during your tour. Along the way, you’ll encounter Yazidi people – the largest national minority in Armenia. They are mostly engaged in animal husbandry. The 1st day of trekking ends at Lake Akna which is a perfect campsite.

Trekking route: Sevaberd village – Lake Akna
Trekking distance: 12 km
Elevation: Sevaberd 2062 m –Lake Akna 3032 m


Day 3: Lake Akna – Mount Azhdahak – Lake Badi (B/L/D)

The next day starts with trekking from Lake Akna to the highest peak of Geghama Range, specifically the volcano Azhdahak, located in the western part of the range. The extinct volcano houses a lake inside the crater which is formed of melting snow. Ascend to the top – the view is worth a thousand words. From Azhdahak summit you’ll admire a magnificent view – biblical Mount Ararat, lush Kotayk Valley, picturesque Lake Sevan and the whole Geghama Mountain Range. Descend from the mountain and continue trekking towards Lake Badi. Camping and stargazing will be the perfect ending to this saturated day.

Trekking route: Lake Akna – Mount Azhdahak – Lake Badi
Trekking distance: 16 km
Elevation: Lake Akna 3032 m – Azhdahak 3597 m – Lake Badi 3100m


Day 4: Lake Badi – Geghama Petroglyphs – Lake Vanki (B/L/D)

Today we will go back in history by exploring the petroglyphs from 3rd – 2nd millennium BC. After 5 km of trekking we will get to the ancient petroglyphs. Over 12.000 petroglyphs have been discovered in the vicinity of the Geghama Mountain Range. Almost all aspects of our human life are reflected in petroglyphs. Most depict man in the act of hunting, fighting, dancing, and even cultivating land. Some also show the worship of fertility or maternity figures, ancestors, heroes, spirits, and time. Different animals, especially deer, leopards, and bezoar goats are pictured on these rocks. Continue trekking to Lake Vanki where the third camping overnight is planned.

Trekking route: Lake Badi – Lake Vanki
Trekking distance: 14 km
Elevation: Lake Badi 3100 m – Petroglyphs 2900 m – Lake Vank 2735 m


Day 5: Lake Vanki – Geghard village – Geghard monastery – Garni tample - Yerevan (B/L/-)

For our next day of your Armenian hiking tour, we will visit the territory of the lake Vanki, home to Vishapakars (‘dragon stones’) – rare historical – archeological pieces of ancient pagan culture. In the ancient Armenian mythology, these dragon – shaped stones symbolized water worship. From there, you’ll go on trekking to Geghard village. Visit Geghard monastery complex, an outstanding monument of medieval Armenian architecture listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit Garni Fortress (3rd – 2nd centuries B.C.), the summer residence of the kings, and Garni Temple (1st century), which is the only reconstructed pagan temple in Armenia. Nowdays, the ruins of the royal palace and the bathroom with a stunning mosaic can be found near the temple. Drive back to Yerevan. Overnight in the hotel.

Trekking route: Lake Vanki – Geghard village
Trekking distance: 12km
Elevation: Vanki lake 2732 m – Geghard village 1924 m


Day 6: Yerevan – Lake Kari – Aragats Southern summit – Gegharot waterfall (B/L/D)

Early in the morning drive to the mountainous Lake Kari 3200m), located on the southern slope of Mount Aragats. Get ready for hiking to the southern summit of the highest mountain of Armenia and South Caucasus. Mount Aragats with its unique nature has sub – alpine and alpine zones, as well as four peaks and one of the biggest craters in the world, created by a volcano eruption in the distant past. The highest northern peak is 4090 m. For your Armenian trekking trip we will climb the southern one (3887 m). Afterwards, we continue trekking to the Gegharot waterfall, and the route goes through the crater. Next to the waterfall we will have our campsite.

Trekking route: Lake Kari – Aragats Southern Summit – Gegharot Waterfall
Trekking distance: 14 m
Elevation: Lake Kari 3200m – Aragats Southern Summit 3887 m – Gegharot waterfall 3070m


Day 7: Gegharot waterfall – Aragats village – Yerevan (B/L/-)

Start the final day of trekking from Gegharot waterfall which is 15 meters high and has two cascades. The waterfall is not a large one but it is marvelous during the thaw.Trekking down towards Aragats village, you will then drive to Yerevan. Overnight in the hotel.

Trekkiing route: Gegharot waterfall – Aragats village
Trekking distance: 14 km
Elevation: Lake Vanki 2732 m – Geghard village 1924 m


Day 8: Departure (B/-/-)

Yerevan. Breakfast in the hotel (depending on the time of departure). Transfer to the Yerevan Airport. Departure.

Price includes:

• Transfers;
• All land transport throughout the trip;
• 4×4 cars during trekking in the mountains;
• 5 overnights in double occupancy tents (mats are included);
• 3 day accommodation in DBL\TWIN rooms in Silachi hotel Yerevan on BB basis;
• Professional English-speaking trekking guide’s service;
• Cook service in the mountains;
• Logistics I the mountains;
• Breakfast* 7;
• Lunch* 6;
• Dinner* 4;
• Garni temple entrance ticket.

Price excludes:
• Air ticket;
• Medical insurance;
• 2 dinners;
• Personal expenses.

Please note:
• Some changes may appear in the program according to arrival/departure time and weather conditions.

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