Happy Easter 2020!

Քրիստոս Հարյավ Ի Մեռելոց 🙏
Христос Воскрес!
Happy Easter!

Today Armenia and the whole Catholic world celebrate one of the most important and the brightest holidays for Christian religion – Easter. In a week, on April 19, this Holy day will come in the Orthodox world.

Congratulations on the Bright Holiday of Easter! We wish a miracle knocked on every home on this day.🙏

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, governments in many countries are urging citizens to refrain from mass visits to churches and services. And in some countries (as, for example, in Armenia), the church even holds the service behind closed doors.
Build a church in your heart, continue to be faithful to your faith, and #stayathome.

How do Armenians celebrate Easter and what is usually put on the table for Easter in Armenia?

Well, Armenian women bake a cake, paint eggs, children play egg tapping (trying to find out which egg is unbreakable).

On this day on each family’s table you can see painted eggs, rice pilaf with raisins and dried fruits (sometimes even nuts), fish, differrent sweets, and, of course, wine.Wine and eggs (mainly painted red using of the red onion husk) symbolize the color of Christ’s blood. Hence the tradition of painting eggs in red.

Painting eggs using the skin of red onions is a vivid reflection of how Armenians appreciate ecologically clear food. Well, over time, following the trends of the world, people began to paint eggs in different colors.

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